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    A Bad Recipe for ACA Compliance Can Lead to An Expensive and Unsatisfying Experience  

    Tuesday, October 30, 2018 at 2:00 PM EST

    It’s no secret the IRS has been actively enforcing the Affordable Care Act’s Employer Mandate. And some quick-service restaurants have been assessed millions of dollars apiece in IRS penalties. 

    The IRS’s ACA enforcement efforts are just getting started. This fall, employers should expect Letter 226J penalty notices to be issued to organizations determined by the IRS to have failed to comply with the ACA for the 2016 tax year. These notices will arrive with potentially higher penalty assessments than were levied for the 2015 tax year. 

    Quick-service restaurants, with multiple locations, a significant mix of full-time and part-time workers, and high turnover rates, are particularly at risk because of the complexity of the ACA. In fact, some quick serves have still not filed the required information because they don’t realize that they fall under the IRS requirements. 

    In this webinar, ACA experts will provide an update on what to expect in the Letter 226J penalty notices for 2016 that are issued this fall, why to expect higher penalty assessments, and steps that can be taken to assess the risk of receiving penalties from the IRS. 

    Joanna Kim-Brunetti
    , Esq., Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, First Capitol Consulting, Inc. 
    Gregg Kasubuchi, Vice President, Business Development, First Capitol Consulting, Inc. 


    How To Meet Consumer Demand For Digital Ordering  

    Thursday, October 11, 2018 at 2:00 PM EST

    With millennials leading the digital age, in a few short years, mobile and self-serve ordering will become a norm. Major quick-service brands are turning to intuitive guest ordering solutions to meet their needs for quicker and easier to use ordering and payment methods. In this rapidly changing landscape, it’s important for QSRs incorporate mobile and kiosk ordering at their establishment. So, how can QSRs implement a strategic guest ordering approach while seeing a ROI almost immediately from these methods? In this webinar, Brian Whitney of Appetize Technologies will discuss: 

    • What it means to implement an omnichannel ordering approach at an enterprise level.
    • The benefits of a cloud-based point of sale solution.
    • How to see a fast ROI with guest ordering solutions. 
    • Why an adjustable, configurable user interface is mission-critical.
    • Ways to incorporate guest ordering into your establishment.

    Brian Whitney, Vice President, Sales, Appetize Technologies 
    Brian Whitney is the Vice President of Professional and Enterprise Sales at Appetize. He brings over 20 years of point of sale experience to Appetize and has worked with Radiant Systems, NCR and Allure over that term. Brian has worked globally in over 20 countries across 5 continents in industries throughout hospitality, airports, cinemas, stadiums and retail. An avid college sports fan, he lives in Atlanta with his wife Monica and daughter Annabeth.


    Is Business Dining Your Restaurant’s Silver Lining?


    Corporate travel is a multi-billion-dollar industry that is predicted to climb 7% in 2018, and major enterprises are increasingly measuring traveler satisfaction as a key success indicator. What’s the opportunity for you? All of those business travelers have to eat

    In spring 2018, Dinova teamed up with GBTA, the Global Business Travel Association, to conduct first-of-its kind research into business travelers’ dining behaviors and preferences and their company dining guidelines. Join us for a deep-dive into the research, with takeaways that you can use to better target this growing opportunity

    You’ll gain insights into: 

    • Distinctions among different generations, including what types of restaurants they’re choosing and their expensing behaviors
    • What tools and technologies influence business dining decisions and what they use for research
    • Diner sentiment around loyalty programs
    • How strongly business travelers feel about staying healthy on the road

    Shannon Delaney,
    Vice President of Marketing, Dinova 
    Shannon Delaney, Vice President of Marketing at Dinova, is responsible for creating meaningful experiences for Dinova constituents, building out the brand ecosystem and launching initiatives that drive business growth for the company. Delaney brings more than 20 years' experience in the brand experience and integrated marketing strategy space. Before joining Dinova, Delaney was the Vice President of Digital and Consumer Marketing at Kids II where she successfully built a team that executed marketing and merchandising strategies across the globe with all of the top retailers. She developed digital and consumer marketing strategies supporting multiple brands. During her time there, she launched an award-winning YouTube channel for Baby Einstein and set the company on a path for aggressive growth in e-Commerce. Prior to Kids II, Delaney spent many years in two well-known Atlanta agencies leading strategy, experience and analytics. Some of the brands she has supported during her agency tenure include The Home Depot, Walgreens, Smith & Wesson, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Outback Steak House, AARP, MyCokeRewards, Dasani and many more.


    The Fast Food Burger Battle: Why Wendy’s is Winning  

    Thursday, September 6, 2018 at 2:00 PM EST

    The battle for the best burger is fierce, and value wars still seem to be the dominating strategy. But with a new age of consumer on the rise, are discounts and remodeled stores enough? 

    This webinar will explore:

    • The QSR burger segment past, present and future
    • How the battle field is changing and what it will take to be successful
    • Why Wendy’s is winning right now
    • But… a new battle strategy is needed to truly conquer

    If you are part of a burger chain, quick-service restaurant chain, or in fact any restaurant chain, this webinar is a must watch for you. 

    Disclaimer: Paytronix is not affiliated with Wendy’s, or other brands mentioned in this webinar, nor is this webinar sponsored or endorsed by any of these brands. This webinar is strictly based on publicly available information and Paytronix's independent analysis of the industry. 

    Terri Burton,
    Content Marketing Manager, Paytronix 
    Terri leads the content marketing team at Paytronix. A restaurant software veteran, Terri joined the company in March 2015 and was responsible for major account sales in the North East before moving over to marketing in the Spring of 2018


    Rising Labor Costs: How Are You Managing Your Greatest Expense? 

    Tuesday, August 28, 2018 at 2:00 PM EST

    Regardless of theme, size, geographic location, or target clientele, all restaurants have one major concern in common: labor costs. Balancing between enough staff to cover the dinner rush and keeping your budget in check is not an easy task. 

    Labor costs account for the highest controllable percentage of operating expenses for many restaurants. That’s why owners care so much about them– in fact nearly half of organizations we surveyed said their owner’s number one concern involves managing labor costs. However, 62% of the CEO and owners we surveyed rated their organization’s ability to control labor costs and affect the bottom line as a 3 or lower on a scale of 1-5. 

    We all know that profit margins are razor thin and every penny counts. Join this webinar to understand: 

    • Metrics that highly efficient organizations use to track, predict and manage labor costs. 
    • Strategies to evaluate your current labor costs practices and improve efficiencies.
    • How to effectively use your HR and payroll technology to track, predict and improve your labor costs to increase the bottom line.

    Tim Ruge
    , Director of Product Marketing, Paycor 
    Tim Ruge is Paycor’s Director of Product Marketing, focusing on the HR Center of Excellence and various compliance topics. Since joining Paycor in 2012, Tim has led their efforts in getting customer feedback and deliver solutions that helps Paycor’s customer make a difference in their organization. Tim has led in the planning, development and launching of Paycor’s Perform Payroll, Onboarding, Time, HR and Analytics solutions over the last six years. 
    Tim received his MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio and currently sits on their Marketing’s Advisory Board. 


    Recruit to Retain: A Guide to Pro-Actively Recruiting Your Hourly Workforce 

    Thursday, August 9, 2018 at 2:00 PM EST

    Finding people to hire is a constant battle in the restaurant industry. With the unemployment rate being lower than 5% across the country, it is more important than ever to get your jobs seen by all applicants and hire quickly while also engaging your workforce to tamp down turnover where you can. 

    With today’s socially—savvy workforce, it is critical to have a seamless candidate experience that offers an engaging, mobile responsive application and a comprehensive social recruiting strategy to compete for top talent. 

    • How to unlock new recruiting tactics 
    • How to differentiate yourself as an employer of choice
    • How to recruit, hire and develop the best talent

    Lizzy Bacco, Area Vice President
    Lizzy Bacco supports talentReef’s enterprise solutions and account management teams, working with service industry customers across the country to onboard the talentReef solution and optimize their usage of the platform. Lizzy has been at talentReef for over two years and holds the title of Area Vice President.